Grants and Funds

Click here for a listing of the grants, scholarship funds, and continuing education funds offered by the Detroit Conference.

Local Pastor Course of Study Refund

A form to request reimbursement of $175 maximum per completed course, minimum grade “C” or equivalent, 4 courses per year.  Reimbursement must be requested within 12 months of the completed course, not to exceed $700.00 per year.

Continuing Education Fund

All Deacons and Elders, Provisional Clergy, Associate Members, Local Pastors, Diaconal Ministers, and persons certified in specialized ministry are eligible. Those persons under appointment and/or those serving in their certified areas of ministry are eligible for funds. The fund will reimburse up to a maximum of $1200 per quadrennium (i.e., 2013-2016). Persons serving less than full-time are eligible for the full amount.

Mallinson Fund

Persons preparing for ministry in town and country (rural) settings who are either certified candidates for Deacon or Elder OR Local Pastors who are Course of Study students are eligible for this grant. The amount of the grant is $400 per year. The number of persons receiving grants is determined by the interest accrued by the Mallinson Fund Trust.

Matthews Ministerial Scholarship Fund

The Matthews Fund is an annual $1,000 scholarship given to a graduate of a United Methodist-related college or university, OR a state of Michigan college or university (excluding colleges and universities affiliated with denominations other than the United Methodist Church) to attend Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary to pursue a basic degree in theological studies in preparation for ordained ministry in the local church. The applicant must be a member of a Detroit Annual Conference United Methodist Church, and intend to serve within the Detroit Annual Conference. A student who is a member of the Dearborn: First United Methodist Church shall be a preferred applicant.

Ministerial Education Fund Seminary Education Grant

For students who are preparing to serve in the Detroit Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church as ordained Deacons or Elders upon completion of the education requirements. The student must be a certified candidate for ministry by the District Committee of Ordained Ministry and be attending a school on the list of approved seminaries, which can be provided by the Registrar of the Conference Board of Ordained Ministry.
For students preparing for Certification in a Specialized Ministry of the United Methodist Church. The student must be enrolled with the Registrar for Deacons, Diaconal Ministers, and Certified Persons of the Conference Board of Ordained Ministry, and be enrolled with the UM General Board of Higher Education and Ministry. (Specialized ministries include Christian Education, Music, Evangelism, Youth, Spiritual Formation, Camping and Retreat Ministries).
For Deacons and Elders, a $3,500 maximum grant per year with a $10,500 maximum grant over a three-year period. For Certification in Specialized Ministry, a maximum of $500 per class with a total grant not to exceed $3,500.

Cattell Scholarship Fund

The income from this trust agreement is disbursed annually in the summer to provide scholarship assistance to worthy theological students. The student must be a certified candidate for Deacon or Elder. Each of the District Committees of Ordained Ministry annually receives a scholarship disbursement of $1000 to be awarded to identified student(s). The amount of the grant is contingent upon interest accrued from the trust.