Welcome to the Board of Ordained Ministry (BOM) page of the Detroit Conference website!

The core responsibility of the BOM is the credentialing of clergy – elder, deacon, and local pastors – and their admittance into provisional, associate, or full membership of the annual conference.  The full explanation of the responsibilities of the BOM is found on pages 217-313, Paragraphs 301-370, of the 2012 Book of Discipline.

The Detroit Conference BOM consists of clergy and laity that are subdivided into four categories labor: Recruitment, Candidacy, Ministerial Support, and Conference Relations.

  1. Conference Relations Committee (Doug Paterson, Chair) – Deals with all requests for discontinuance of provisional members, voluntary and involuntary leaves of absence, administrative location, voluntary and involuntary retirements, medical leave, sabbatical leave, transitional leave, withdrawal, and any other matter that necessitates a change in ministerial status.
  2. Enlistment and Recruitment Committee (Bri Desotell, Chair) – Develops strategies to help identify people have encountered a “call” into ministry.  Activities include “Invitation to Ministry” at Annual Conference, the production of written and media resources, and the resourcing for each local church to sponsor an “Invitation to Ministry” Sunday in their own setting.
  3. Support Committee (Jan Brown, Chair) – Provides support services for minister’s career development including the oversight of MEF (Ministerial Education Funds), CEF (Continuing Education Funds), and the three year coaching residency program required of all provisional clergy members on their way to full ordination.  They also organize the New Beginnings and First Appointment events for clergy in new appointments.
  4. Candidacy Committee (Scott Harmon, Chair) – Provides oversight of the Candidacy process and progress that includes policies on Background Checks, Psychological Assessments, Sexual Misconduct Policies, Seminary Visitations, and On-Site Visitations of Provisional Members.

It is a privilege to serve as the Chair of the BOM.  Our Board is committed to the local church by identifying and developing  ministers.  If you are experiencing a call to ministry, please contact me at [email protected]

It’s a great time to be the Church!

Laura Speiran