Continuing Ed & Renewal Leaves

Grants Continuing Education, Renewal Leaves, Sabbatical Leaves, and Spiritual Formation Retreat

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The Board of Ordained Ministry is pleased to offer educational opportunities for the pastors in the West Michigan Conference*.

As pastors in the church, we are called to continually look for ways and opportunities to “upgrade” our education, understanding and perspective through continuing education events.  For many years the Board of Ordained Ministry has made monies available through an application process whereby a pastor can receive financial assistance for a continuing education event.  Many of you have utilized this fund in the past and the Board of Ordained Ministry encourages you to continue.

In addition to continuing education, we are all aware that there are times when an “upgrade” of our spirit is sorely needed.  Responding to this need the Board of Ordained Ministry has monies available for the sabbaticals, renewal leaves and spiritual formation retreats.  The following guidelines will prove beneficial as you explore possibilities for your personal renewal.


6-12 Months up to $1200 for a pastor.  Our budget can help underwrite up to 2 pastors per year.

Renewal Leaves

1-6 weeks up to the $100 per week support for pastor and $100 per week support for the local congregation/and or charge.

Spiritual Formation Retreats

1-4 weeks up to $300 total.

Continuing Education

$400 per year, as long as funds are available.

*Eligibility for Continuing Education and or Renewal Leave Funds:  All elders and deacons under appointment and Diaconal Ministers under service appointment who have completed seminary, Associate Members and Licensed Local Pastors who have completed Course of Study (those serving less than full time will receive assistance proportionate to their service).

Please contact: Allen Horstman, (231) 946-9314, [email protected]