Loan Information

The United Methodist Church
West Michigan Conference
Board of Ordained Ministry
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Okemos, MI   48864-6907

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To: Certified Candidates of the West Michigan Conference Enrolled in Approved U.M. Theological Schools
From: Board of Ordained Ministry, Finance Committee
Subject: Student Loan Funds

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

The Board will offer financial support for Certified Candidates pursuing the M.Div Degree on a Per Credit Hour Basis.

The Board will offer support of $125 per credit hour, up to a limit of $3,500 per year (28 Hrs).   Assistance will all be in the form of Loans from MEF and Snyder Funds, and will be forgiven on a pro-rated basis through five (5) years of service in the West Michigan Conference after completion of studies.

In order to process Board assistance, each semester/term you will need to submit a Loan Fund Application Form, and a copy of the Tuition Invoice from your school showing the number of hours you are enrolled for the coming semester/term.  These forms can be mailed or emailed to the information listed above.

The first time you seek funding under the revised program please sign, date, and mail a hard copy of the “Master Promissory Loan Agreement.”  This must be on file prior to the release of funds.  Unless otherwise requested, all funds will be issued in your name.  If you wish to have the check made out to the school, please indicate that on your Loan Application.

Finally, if you are aware of other Certified Candidates from the West Michigan Conference who are enrolled in a U.M. approved Theological School who did not receive this information, please have them contact us.

Please note that while we do not anticipate a shortage of funds, loans are provided on a “first come/first served” basis while funds remain available.