Spiritual Direction For Clergy


The Board of Ordained Ministries (BOM) approved a Spiritual Direction Funds Policy, on May 19, 2005, to provide funding support for clergy persons wanting spiritual direction.

The clergy person will receive funding assistance of not more than 50% of approved Spiritual Director Fees, but not more than $20.00 per session and one session a month for a maximum of $240.00 per year.

The process is confidential between the clergy person, the BOM Liaison, and the Conference Treasurer.

For more information, please contact the BOM Liaison (See Board Contacts).


  1. The clergy person wanting financial assistance for Spiritual Direction contacts the BOM Liaison to make a request.The BOM Liaison explains the Spiritual Direction Policy and Procedures.
  1. The BOM Liaison records the clergy person’s name, current appointment, and contact information.
  1. The BOM Liaison contacts the West Michigan Conference Treasurer to verify that funds are available and alert the treasurer of the request.
  1. The BOM Liaison contacts the requesting clergy person to inform them if funds are available for financial support for Spiritual Direction.
  1. The clergy person sends paid receipts to the West Michigan Conference Treasurer for reimbursement.

Policy revised on 01-17-2011
Policy approved on 01-20-2011
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For more information, please contact the BOM Liaison (See Board Contacts).